This current situation of security vs privacy reminds me of the novel 1984 by George Orwell. The fact that government spies have the authority to tap our phones without a warrant is disturbing. Citizens are being watched 24/7. Privacy is sacrificed for security. The All-or-nothing fallacy is just misleading. It is clear that the security proponents purposely ask poorly worded questions to get the answers that they want. In 1984, Big Brother monitors everyone closely and constantly, which is similar to the US right now.
I did understand the story to a certain extent. However, I thought it was difficult to respond to all the critical thinking questions. I was able to identify some literary elements like irony and metaphor and foreshadowing. My strength in story analysis and comprehension is that I am able to connect with the story in a way; it is easy for me to put myself into other people's situations or thoughts, which makes my answers more relatable and straight forward. I used some reading strategies like visualizing the scene and making connections. I find it easier for me to understand the remember the story when I visualize the situation. I do also realize that I am rather weak at putting sentences together nicely and thinking more critically; I find it hard to 
Prompt: is Stephen fry over reacting to the situation in Russia?

My first initial thought was “why single out or discriminate against people that are different?” I was angry. I know that some people don’t understand gay rights, but the fact that discrimination is acceptable, is disgusting. I don’t think Stephen fry is over reacting because that is what I would too. The newly signed legislation outlaws “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations among minors”. What is non-traditional? Does it mean it is different or wrong? Tradition and religion don’t give anyone the right to hate on anyone or anything. Instead, they should be generous, understanding, and inclusive. Believing in god doesn’t give you a reason to hate, insult, or attack. No matter where you are in the world, discrimination is still wrong. By passing the legislation, Russia is now giving people full passes to verbally and physically attack gays and lesbians. How will gay athletes be perceived in Russia? Will they be in danger? While they are in Russia, does it mean they cannot talk about their sexuality? Can they not talk about being gay? Freedom of speech is a basic human right, and no country, politics, religion, or culture could change that.